Subcision Acne Scar treatment Malaysia

Subcision is a minor surgical procedure used for treating depressed cutaneous scars and wrinkles. It is also called subcutaneous incisional surgery.

Acne scars are permanent textural changes and indentations that occur on the skin as a result of severe acne.

In severe acne, large pus-filled spaces known as acne cysts are formed. These cysts destroy skin tissue which is not replaced during the healing process.  When the cyst eventually empties and the area heals, it usually leaves behind an indentation (or scar) on the face. On the chest and back the scarring can be lumpy (known as “hypertrophic” or “keloid” scarring).

Acne scarring on the face appears as damage to the skin texture with depressed (or indented) areas of various sizes. On the back and chest, scars tend be raised and lumpy.  Scars are usually a normal skin colour.  Some keloid scars can remain red for many years.

This method uses a needle or cannula (which is a long slightly blunted needle), to break up scar tissue under the skin.  This form of scar revision is ideal for tethered scars, rolling scars and areas of uneven texture that may be more noticeable with talking or smiling. 

This treatment requires considerable experience and skill, and is only performed personally by our doctor. The ultimate goal for treating acne scars is improvement rather than complete disappearance or “cure”. The degree of improvement is dependent on the scar type and the skin colour of the individual.

Subcision Before & After

subcision acne scar melaka
acne scar treatment melaka