Everything You Need to Know About The Vampire Breast Lift

Whether you’re looking to sidestep the risks of Breast Implant Illness or just curious about how to enhance your breast size without surgery, the Vampire Breast Lift® (aka PRP Breast Lift) is a safe and quick in-office treatment that can increase breast size by one to two cups!

Our providers are experts in aesthetic PRP therapy. In fact, Dr. Steven and Dr. Jun Min was an early adopter of platelet-rich plasma therapy because of the amazing results these treatments can yield. Even so, many women are still discovering that one of the best non-surgical breast enhancement solutions is the Vampire Breast Lift®. This alternative breast lift is a non-surgical approach that is natural, safer and more affordable than surgical options.

The Vampire Breast Lift uses your own blood to stimulate new collagen, elastin, fibrin and adipose tissue development (thus the name!). More specifically, it uses your platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and platelet-poor plasma (PPP) to stimulate new tissue development.

Are You A Candidate For The Vampire Breast Lift?

Every treatment begins with a complimentary consultation to discuss your health, lifestyle and goals.

Why discuss health, lifestyle factors and goals? It’s important for both you and your provider to share the same treatment expectations. Patients who are adamant about achieving a precise shape and size may be better candidates for surgical breast augmentation where physicians have more control over the outcome of the procedure.

Part of treatment success is dependent on the ability to generate new healthy tissue. It may be obvious, but patients who smoke, avoid exercise and are generally unhealthy may not be ideal candidates for the Vampire Breast Lift.

What to Expect From Your Vampire Breast Lift Treatment

First, What Is Platelet-Rich Plasma & Platelet-Poor Plasma?

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) and Platelet-Poor Plasma PPP are derived from your blood using a special aesthetic centrifuge that separates red blood cells from plasma. The process maintains essential proteins and growth factors necessary to produce new target tissue – in this case, breast tissue. 12

Once obtained, the PRP and PPP have the necessary bio-stimulatory ingredients to naturally enhance breast shape and size. We can also correct inverted nipples and even improve the sensitivity of the nipples.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Vampire Breast Lift

Does it Hurt?

This is one of the first questions we get asked. The short answer is no. As we’re obtaining your PRP and PPP, we apply a potent topical numbing cream and offer ProNox (laughing gas) to minimize the discomfort of the injections.

Once your provider has your PRP and PPP drawn into syringes, they’ll gently inject your PRP into the areas that need the most lift. Often, this is the upper pole and cleavage areas. After the PRP has been injected, we’ll follow with PPP injections.

Why inject platelet-poor plasma?

At stellar Clinic, we take every possible measure to ensure the best treatment outcome. Since platelet-poor plasma still has cytokines, platelets, growth factors and proteins, we want to use it to aid in new tissue generation.

While we schedule 90 minutes for this procedure, most of that time is dedicated to obtaining the PRP and PPP. The treatment itself takes less than 20 minutes. Since there is no downtime, you’re free to resume your normal activity immediately after treatment.

Is There Downtime With the Vampire Breast Lift?

Your breasts will feel swollen and tender for about a week as your body absorbs the growth factors, but wearing a double sports bra will help to keep “the girls” in place so you can resume normal activity.

When we say ‘normal activity,’ we don’t want you jumping on a trampoline, but you can do barre and light exercise. Otherwise, you can return to work and other habitual activities immediately, which is one of the many major benefits of choosing the non-surgical Vampire Breast Lift.

When Will You See Results?

After your PRP and PPP have been injected, the growth factors call to your stem cells to begin the process of generating brand new tissue. In your first consultation, you’ll talk with our providers about setting realistic treatment expectations. The body requires a minimum of three months to generate new collagen, tissue, nerve endings, and blood vessels.

Results differ for every body. Some patients see an increase by two cup sizes after one treatment, while others increase by one cup size. Some patients are satisfied with one treatment, while others are treated once a year. Your provider will recommend the appropriate approach for your goals.

Can I Get Treated With the Vampire Breast Lift if I Have Implants?

If your implants are under the muscle, you may be a candidate for the Vampire Breast Lift. Your provider will ask for your medical records to review the location of the implants and plan accordingly.

To learn more about the Vampire aka PRP Breast Lift and other non-surgical breast enhancement solutions, contact us  today!